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Process of Our Service

  1. First Customer Register for the particular Service or place the order for mobile service.

  2. Our handyman or servicemen reach to your doorsteps or to your affordable services to get the product.

  3. We will analyze your problems and we fixed the rate after estimation or according to your problem.

  4. If customer is not ready for further process we will return the product within 24 hours.

  5. If customer is ready to take further business we will take your product to our service center.

  6. After providing quality services we will return the product at your affordable place.

  7. Please don’t feel shy to contact, keep in touch with Online Mobile Services.

We also provide a different level of services

 Level2 ( 2)

Our level2 services Include

  • Display & Touch
  • Battery
  • Side Keys
  • Back Covers.
  • FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)

Level2.5 (L2.5)

Our L2.5 services include

  • Sim slot damages or issues or faults
  • Charging connector damage
  • Mic
  • Headphone Issues
  • Stuck in headphone
  • Fail to detect headphones